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From our Society's beginning, the central and most basic activity of Conferences has been the visitation of those in need in their homes. This is the clearest symbol of our Vincentian charism, which dictates the highest respect for the dignity of the poor. It symbolizes our Vincentian commitment to reach out to those in need, rather than require them to report to an outside service site. In the home, persons in need feel free to confide their stories of struggle and are assured that information collected will be kept in confidence. In that family setting, Vincentians are asked to listen, offer humble advice, and render assistance.

Vincentians always visit in pairs. This practice emphasizes the Conference's status as a community and not a collection of individuals who "do their own thing." From the beginning, Vincentian visitiation to those in need was done in pairs for the protection of all involved. This precedent was set by Christ Himself, when He sent out the Apostles two by two (Mark 6:7). The Society wisely continues this tradition in the interest of safety, liability and propriety.

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